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83463-35091 3M Mar-Hyde One-Step Rust Converter-aerosol,3509,10 oz

Mar-Hyde(R) One-Step(TM) Rust Converter - aerosol, 3509, 10 oz, 12 per case
SKU: MMM8346335091
Manufacturer: 3M
Manufacturer part number: 83463-35091
GTIN: 83463350912

$13.93 / Each
Mar-Hyde(R) One-Step(TM) Rust Converter Primer Sealer chemically reacts to convert rust into a hard, black primer sealer. Apply One-Step(TM) on rusted surfaces and rust is permanently converted and ready for primer and topcoat. One-Step(TM) Rust Converter Primer Sealer is water -based latex containing rust modifiers, which is designed for application directly over tightly bonded rust on iron or steel. It's also proven effective on new degreased or mild steel where flash-rusting has occurred. Shortly after application, the rusted surface will change from white to purple to a stable black coating. A uniform black coating indicates the complete conversion of the rust; white streaks or remaining rust indicate that an additional coat is required.