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Power Tools & Accessories - Lighting - Cordless Work Lights
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49-24-0145 Milwaukee M12 Cordless Work Lights,90Deg rotating head

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Work Lights, Type: 90 degree rotating head, Style: Integrated magnet, lightweight and compact, Works with: one 12V Lithium-ion battery, AKA: Flashlight
$32.00 / Each

49-24-0171 Milwaukee M18 Cordless Work Lights,135Deg rotating head

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Work Lights, Type: 135 degree rotating head, Style: Compact, lightweight with Xenon incandescent bulb, Voltage: 18V, Works with: one 18V compact or XC high capacity Lithium-ion battery, AKA: Flashlight
$66.00 / Each